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It is tiring and embarrassing being held accountable by men for ideas floating around (which sound good initially, but end up falling flat) like ‘women should “become” successful or fashionable or fit, because that is what a man wants’, or even worse, that certain behaviors are okay because we are – well, female – for goddsakes. Clinginess or nagging is unattractive no matter what sex organs you possess. I love seeing you when you’re well groomed (translation: when you look and smell clean and are the HOT guy I am attracted to). You might even get a little extra somethin’ somethin’. Yes, there are certain things we can do to rock our partner’s world. You did NOT just clip your nose hairs and leave it in the sink, did you? I don’t want to know (or see or smell) how it happened, especially when it’s etched into the grout.

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Once you’ve explored every nook and cranny, there AIN’T much else to discover. TREAT ME SPECIAL NO MATTER WHO IS AROUND (DON’T TREAT ME DIFFERENTLY WHEN YOU”RE AROUND YOUR FRIENDS). We understand, so very well, that you do not like discussing a woman's time of the month. It is, in fact, pretty weird if you think about it. Back when I had mine on a semi-regular basis, I would occasionally bleed to the point that I would faint, be unable to walk, or even pass out.However, it shouldn't be as misunderstood and as scary as you make it out to be. My friend has endometriosis, and that often means that she's bedridden with crippling pain. Is it really that hard for you guys to think that we could actually be angry at you for being douchey?Also, it's worth noting that not all women get PMS, so if your girl is perennially mellow, you both lucked out.The article definitely addressed some of those things (like supporting their passions, even if it involves watching, listening or sacrificing our date night to sports almost every day of the week). It wasn’t a list of MUSTS – just what guys secretly wish. Guys can take it or leave it with no judgment whatsoever. There are some really important differences between men and women (aside from the obvious) that make it truly impossible for me to list ALL the things women wish about men in this article. We women are complex creatures who are not only willing to allow emotions a place of prominence in our decision making processes, we are hardwired to do so (hormones, cycles, etc). We access our left and right brains simultaneously. This benefits us often (we’re amazing multi-taskers), but it can backfire as well. Be confident in yourself and in our relationship, no matter how gorgeous you think I am (and thank you, by the way, but it’s not a threat to you), or how scandalous and untrustworthy other guys may be.

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