12 questions dating new life


As most of us know, feelings of "being in love" come and go.

I wouldn't want to rely on such feelings to keep my life partnership healthy and intact.

She can make you spontaneously laugh from your belly? Here and there, her thoughts prompt you to consider a new perspective? Specifically, do both of you have about the same tolerance level for other people's beliefs?

You admire the way she treats others, especially in instances when she doesn't realize that you are aware of what she is doing? If not, think carefully about how this might affect the way that you feel about raising your children together.

Ask yourself if you would want your child or future child to marry someone like him.

And in answering this question, think about how he consistently behaves, not what he says.

If both of you want to have children, do you have a good inkling of what type of parent your partner will be?I think most would agree that being aesthetically pleasing, having a trust fund, and taking good care of you are not enough sustenance for a healthy long term marriage.Nor are any other reasons that belong in the "what can she do for me" category.I told them take your time and spend it with friends. It led to a lot of heartache and wasted time and stress trying to be someone else. Someone who is willing to take the good and bad times and not skip out when things get rough. Many were doubtful when I married a man 30 years my senior.Anyway, I will be sharing your questions with them. We had very different outward personalities but possessed the same soul.Families of both partners should help their newly weds untill they are strong and financialy secure. Undoubtedly I would agree with your idea of giving an opportunity to study this subject as it is one the most important decisions of your life.

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