3ds max updating instances

Is Vray SP3 rendering extremely slow for anyone else? I know some people trying to use cracked SP3 & 4 complain about it being slow, but if it's a licensed copy with the dongle, it should be quite fast. Or upgrade to SP4....you're entitled to the upgrade free.I'm using Max 2010 and Vray 1.5 SP3 and scenes that I could render in under a minute in Max 2008 Vray SP1 are now not even rendering under an hour. Yeah, I was having the same problem with 2010 and Vray! Eventually I got frustrated and returned to Max9 sp2 which works like a charm. Though I just got off the phone with the Cebas guy, and I think I'm going to have to buy finalrender-SP1 R3 SE next week when it's released.It's loading all Textures and then always keeps hanging while updating the Geometry.When I open up the Task Manager I see a mere 13% (1 logical Core) is used to by Maya to update the Geometry and the Ram is slowly, slowly filling up (and it keeps getting slower).Auto allows vray to make the decision on which type to use based on the face count for an object and the number of its instances in the scene.

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I have a scene where I have 3 Characters (meshes only, no Rigging/Skinning on them) which I instantiate a few times.

Right click on the top-most modifier in the stack and choose "Collapse To" - Martijn I'm always amazed when I learn something new that is a core feature of 3ds Max. Also get yourself a copy of 'instance-o-matic' from

This restores instances if you've broken the link (by collapsing or something).

Instanced VRay Proxies only need to be loaded once per proxy mesh.

This will cut down the setup time of your renderings.

As I wrote in my first post there is a script called Collapse Stack that does it but it is slow and crashes on heavy scenes Right click on the top-most modifier in the stack and choose "Collapse To" - Martijn after that the object is no longer an instance Also get yourself a copy of 'instance-o-matic' from

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