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For example, you could create routing problems for all of your DNS information, including your website and email.

Understand that DNS updates will take up to 2 hours to take effect (updates may resolve more quickly at some locations than others because many name servers on the Internet retrieve updates at different times).

If your child attends a licensed childcare centre in Ottawa, you must provide both your childcare provider and Ottawa Public Health with a copy of your child's immunization record.

If you have previously attended a school in Ontario, and require a copy of your immunization record as part of your enrollment for post-secondary education, you can retrieve your information via Immunization Connect Ontario (ICON).

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In order to access your child's immunization information using ICON, you will need to create an account and set a PIN.

But checking the boxes for "Register this connection's address in DNS" and "Use this connection's DNS suffix in DNS registration" makes it work.

I don't have a convenient test environment to try it...

The problem is this: when the network adapter is configured for DHCP and the DHCP server doesn't register DNS records on behalf of its clients (because it can't, or because it's not configured to do so), then in the TCP/IP settings of the network interface: As much as it may appear strange, this is the only solution to ensure Windows will register both the A and the PTR records for a DHCP network connection; otherwise, it will only register the A record.

I ran into the same issue years ago the following group policy settings are how I resolved it.

An individual 16 years of age and older must call to request their own record or access Immunization Connect Ontario themselves.

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