Aaron eckhart who is he dating


Eckhart’s resume includes the role of Julia Roberts’ stalwart biker boyfriend in .But in two indelible roles bookending his career, Eckhart has portrayed, well, evil incarnate.

An even larger investment was the 1,200-acre property he bought in Montana; he wants to make it into a personal retreat with cabins and horses and fly-fishing.Me and my dad have more of an even power structure now.When I was growing up, it was more him telling me what to do, but now, I’m accepting his knowledge and he’s giving it to me.” Eckhart’s not a prig, but he’s a morally serious guy–which makes him an anomaly among Hollywood actors approximately on the order of being an albino. “If you smoke in a movie, you really are affecting people.The evening news is full of men wearing nice suits who do terrible things, convinced that it’s all for the greater good or just not caring about the consequences.Nobody renders these modern American villains like Eckhart.He spent years of his life as a surf bum, and then a ski bum.

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