Accommodating soft skills in software project management court opinions dating


The present work is a follow-up of the papers presented at the Northern Arizona University, USA – “Accommodating soft skills in Software project Management ” and the one presented at Salford University, Manchester, UK – “ The ontogeny of memory of learning: Natural Intelligence versus Artificial Intelligence in Information Technology Education”.Several interrogations cropped up during and after the presentation of the second paper, particularly on the conclusions, if any, that could have been drawn on the effects of soft skills, intelligence and intelligences; and if the next step would be to further investigate the impact of these on Information Technology Education.

These all have a significant impact on the attitude a person brings to interactions with clients, customers, colleagues, supervisors, and other stakeholders.

Traditionally, people don't receive adequate soft skills training – either during vocational instruction or as part of on-the-job training.

That's why services like Mind are great for helping people build great people-skills.

To get, and keep, a job you typically need a repertoire of technical skills. In these situations, and all the others like them, it's the soft skills that matter.

The one who is pleasant and takes time to answer your questions; or the one who treats you like a number in a long line of numbered mouths? The one whose attitude is positive and upbeat, and who is always willing to help; or the one who is inflexible and has a hard time admitting mistakes? The one who has a great work ethic and encourages his colleagues is the one who will, most likely, excel in his position and organization.

They tend to assume that everyone knows and understands the importance of being on time, taking initiative, being friendly, and producing high quality work.

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