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Seriously, I will keep playing this over and over again. Although the graphic was not to be expected to be superb BUT the game play is awesome. There are virtually no walkthrough can be written for this game. Not suffered the bugs people complain about - a couple black screens but nothing major given the the traffic the site appears to be getting. This gotta be the best Vdate-game yet so far allthou I think there are some minor changes that would help the players. Restarting this, re-booting that, it`s just not a smooth game. " --Start licking-- "Ok, move forward a bit." "Slide your tounge in further." "Ok, lie on your back." --Keep going-- --Stop--(Before your jaw locks up) --Go home for a cold shower-- *** Casey the yoga instructor *** Click on Casey "Hi, how you doin? Wicked game - love that you can tap all girls (if you get the right sequence) but some variety of (positive) outcome with each could be fun. --Watch her-- --Oblige-- --Go to the lounge-- --Take CD-- --Go back to map-- Click on Cassie and Vic`s house (use help button if required) --Knock on the door-- --Go into the bedroom-- "ALRIGHHTTTT. " "OK sure, I`ll try this" "Did your fuck-buddy move away or die of exaustion? Sure No trouble Watch her walk away We were talking about a guided tour Read over papers Um..gee.. Lead on pretty lady It`s got everything I`ll need to start with Ok, What`s next --Go in and check out the changing rooms-- You got it! --Exit the changing rooms-- --Head over to the couches-- --Sign more paperwork-- I`m really looking forward to seeing more of you too Are you serious, where?

Enjoy Click Start (or Restart) --Enter the gym-- *** Receptionist Intro **** (Can be skipped) I`m thinking of joining... Sign on the dotted line Follow the receptionist I`ll come here every day if you keep wearing that skirt It`s the truth, you look amazing in that outfit. If you aren`t beautiful, why do all the guys hit on you? Just this guys opinion." "The problem is, guys that have the balls to walk up to you are generally dropkicks." "I was just looking for a quiet place to stretch and you hit on me." "Sure no problem" --Wait until she`s gone and grab her cellphone-- --Next Pic-- --Next Pic-- --Next Pic-- --Put phone away-- (Don`t click next pic again... " "Thank you sir"--Go back to your apartment-- --Continue back to your apartment-- --Back to the map-- *** Casey the Yoga Instructor Part 3 *** Click on the Aerobics Room "That`s quite alright, what`s all this." "Ah ok. they said we looked cute together." "Sure." --Head back to your apartment-- "It`s absolutely no trouble." "Fabulous idea. its fun but gets trivial after a few playthroughs,beacuse its not complted,i would also love that fysio to get in order(besides from nailing the blonde that is)something with potential to become really good,just keep at it. Personally, I wouldn`t grade this game high, to me the story could have been twice as long and a lot more choices. It`s a new type, and has potential to be greater than it is right now. and get a chance to nail that kickboxing blonde,that would be that waiter in the cafe needs some lovin aswell,i think. Can`t say the women in my gym are this loose, but still a great game with an ok graphics engine. it`s a pretty abrupt way to end a game if you accidentally get in there. - Enter the Gym - Your decision, I choosed (played before) - Reception - Talk to ladies ?? - Enter the Gym - Weights room - Go over to Nic - I think?? " --Watch her leave-- --Back to the apartment-- --Back to the map-- *** Cassie and Vic Part 2 *** Click on Cassie and Vic`s house (use help button if required) --Knock on the door-- --Go to her bedroom-- "With you dressed like that, I don`t think you could stop me." --Get dildo-- --Follow her instructions-- --Insert dildo-- --Hump away-- --Keep pounding-- "Seriously?

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