Adultfriend dating Cam hot sex live

Just be realistic and don't expect that every single girl you chat with wants you to bang her brains out straight away.

I found this to be a waste of money and one massive scam.

So I simply clicked the no, thanks button to get out, thinking if there is an error, at least I won't get charged. They verified me and after explaining what happened, they apologized and said all they could do was give me the 1 month membership billed at a higher rate of .99! So, I tried it out to see if I can get some action.

Instead I get slapped with a 3 month membership charge from a different site (something hookup instead of the discreet name they promised to bill under)! Needless to say, I told them to cancel the whole order. if you want to have a more costly order charged instead of what you want... Same as on other good hook up websites like Casual Dating4u. Not only did I not get any action, I never got any meetings of any kind.

No reply from the contact and just reaffirms that the site only has fake profiles who bait and switch you for money with unfulfilled promises of getting laid.

Saw a lot of swingers profiles of the same group who don't reply back and the website doesn't flag or remove.

I paid for gold membership for one month and the account was deleted within 24 hours, no refund.

Last month was the first in a while I haven't got laid using AFF...

I was like WTF but im keeping my cool reading these comments because a helluva lot of y'all aint been laid often ($#*! I used to be a member of this site off & on but now, STAY AWAY!

If youre shy in person or concealing your sexual orientation you might want to work on that first. Men should pay for a membership in order to use the whole functionality but it is sure worth it. If u know how to communicate and if you are decent looking you will do fine although imo 50% of the female users are time wasters. Been a member on here for almost two months and if you work on your communication skills you will also do fine. I stayed on aff for approximately 2 months, and just could not withstand anymore!

I got offers, at least between 5-10 daily, but they all (men, in my case) were either fresh out of the insane asylum, married trying too cheat, or just total losers!

I clicked the correct buttons issued but there seemed to be a delay.

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