Airline dating


So once we hit the ground, we hunt for restaurants to sample new tastes and go on dining adventures. we can introduce to food you’ve never heard before.

We have tasted food served from around the globe and love finding it in our hometowns too!

Please note that Meet & Seat is available through My Trip up until 48 hours before departure, and during check-in from 30 hours until 1 hour before departure.

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Little types of appreciation like flowers, a special date, or even our favorite foods make all of the difference to flight attendants! We’re so tired of airplane food no matter how delectable they are.Read the Terms and Conditions for Meet & Seat When sharing your details via Meet & Seat, you can change your seat as often as you like and arrange extra comfortable seats in Economy Class.If you choose to remove your profile from Meet & Seat, your seat number will remain the same, but you can still change it as often as you like without using Meet & Seat.We will not share your details with third parties either.48 hours after your flight has departed, your details will be removed automatically.“It's the consumer message behind it.” Macduff’s lawsuit – which has yet to be certified by the courts – asks for financial compensation to reflect the difference between a glass of champagne and the sparkling wine which was served, as well as damages.

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