Alex morgan dating seattle sounder

Both successful athletes in their own right, the two met during college at UC Berkeley and have been in love since.

They dominated through college together and now they dominate pro soccer together.

If getting married in front of millions at the prestige event in your sport isn’t #goals, we’re not sure what is.

It’s easy for these two to be everyone’s favorites, because they spend so much time together on television on their E!

Aside from being one of the best–if not the best, period–soccer players in history, Lionel Messi is also one half of the “Leonella” power couple, with his new wife Antonella.

The childhood sweethearts are always in the soccer and tabloid worlds’ spotlights, and for good reason; they are adorable together and with their kids, Thiago and Mateo.

Gerard Piqué and Shakira are the quintessential celebrity power couple, right down to their penchant for social media.The two were married on December 31st, 2014 and have remained each other’s biggest fans.For a brief period in 2012, they both even played for the same club, as Carrasco was featured on the Seattle Sounders and Morgan made a brief cameo as part of the Seattle Sounders Women.Messi knew that he wanted Antonella since the moment he laid eyes on her, and he wouldn’t stop until he got her.The childhood sweethearts’ wedding made headlines this year, and their kids are favorites of the massive Barcelona fanbase.#nena #totalbellas #bellaarmy #bellas #mrandmrs A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on Switching gears a bit here: since November 2012, John Cena and Nikki Bella have been the apple of sports entertainment’s eye.

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