Alfonso baptista dating


Gabriela is the wife of a rich ranch owner and her husband had been having an affair with the Reyes brothers’ younger sister- Libia (played by Ana Lucía Domínguez).

Libia fell in love with him and when the old hacienda owner died, she committed suicide.

Si bien no ha logrado encontrar aún la estabilidad en el terreno amoroso, Gaby Espino es de las pocas actrices que puede presumir de mantener una excelente relación de amistad con sus exparejas. La artista venezolana pasó parte del pasado fin de semana con el también actor venezolano Juan Alfonso Baptista, quien fue el primer gran amor de su vida hace más de dos décadas cuando los dos residían en su Venezuela natal.

Aprovechando que Baptista se encontraba por motivos de trabajo en Miami, donde Gaby tiene fijada su residencia desde hace varios años, ambos artistas lograron hacer un hueco en sus apretadas agendas para verse y de paso recordar viejos tiempos.

She has long light brown hair and has an exquisite face.

She was raped by intruders and was forced to marry a rather insensitive man to escape family shame.

Jimena is a beautiful girl who wants to live life to the fullest and immediately takes a liking to the Reyes brothers.

She truly does fall in love with Oscar and is joyed when he asks her to marry him.

When he meets Norma, he is amazed by her beauty and feels a connection between them.He learns that love is much more important than money and that he would`t care if she was rich or poor as long as she was at his side.Franco Reyes is smaller than his brothers, and is more relaxed than his family.She is shaken and can not accept for any man to touch her, including her husband.But when she meets Juan, all those fears go away and she falls in love with him.May 07, 2017- Recientemente el actor argentino Michel Brown compartió una fotografía que trajo muchos recuerdos a sus fanáticas.

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