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Its amusing to see net neutrality proponents accusing Pai of being a shill for Verizon and the cable companies.While many past FCC commissioners have simply gone through the revolving door to make millions in the industry, Chairman Pai has the talent and ambition to achieve much bigger goals.And even supporters of net neutrality agree that the big tech companies are likely to benefit from the new rules.But what I find interesting here is the long political game.We sell it into the marketplace.” Now we have Viasat revealing today that Boeing “has identified an in-orbit antenna issue, which has caused some spot beams to perform differently than they did during ground testing.” It seems very likely that the issue is related to the unfurlable 5m Harris antennas, since “Viasat believes the issue will not affect the coverage area of the satellite” and the smaller solid antennas will provide most of the geographic coverage, while the larger unfurlable antennas will provide the high capacity coverage within the continental US.It also seems somewhat more likely that this is a deployment problem (i.e.Another curious issue was Viasat’s decision to use a fake image of Via Sat-2, which Viasat’s President Richard Baldridge later admitted “in fact is not the actual Via Sat-2″ satellite, because “we obscured the sensitive parts”.

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an issue primarily for Harris), since the antenna performed “differently” (and presumably correctly) during ground testing.In fact, ironically enough, the current outcry has made it easier for the new disclosure-based regime to operate effectively: consumer advocates will be watching out for perceived violations of net neutrality principles and if they can drum up sufficient outrage about unfairness or antitrust violations, then the FTC will be forced to take action.However, its hard to see technical violations which (at least in the short term) benefit consumers, such as zero rating or content bundling, prompting much of an outcry.Permalink Comments Posted in General, Regulatory, Spectrum at pm by timfarrar A couple of weeks ago I pointed out that the net neutrality debate has been overwhelmed by ludicrous hyperbole that this is “the end of the internet as we know it“.Of course, that won’t be the case, making Chairman Pai’s mockery of these predictions a winning political strategy.What’s not to like about that deal (unless you are AT&T, T-Mobile or DISH)?

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