Amy robach dating andrew shue


It happened to “Good Morning America” news anchor Amy Robach, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and took a leave of absence from the telecast to undergo a double mastectomy last fall.

But the rising network news star with beauty queen looks and the iron will of a boxer returned to the telecast just three weeks after the major surgery.

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“I came back to work the next day and my husband had written this incredibly sweet note about how ‘I know you can do it, I know you are going to be amazing, I am so proud of you,’ it was just a beautiful note that he put in my purse and I read it the next day.

“And so because I knew I was afraid of what might happen, that was exactly why I was going to keep coming to work, I needed to keep coming on the set every morning and face my fear.

I did not want to let cancer — and the fear of what could happen to me physically or mentally while I was in front of 6 million people — I didn’t want to let that stop me from doing what I love.” In December, Robach started chemotherapy.

But in an exclusive and in-depth interview with the Daily News, Robach reveals new details about her life-altering ordeal and why, despite her agony, she never stopped showing up for work.

“I was absolutely scared on many levels, because fear is such a part of cancer,” Robach said.

Even as Robach protested that she was too young and had no history of cancer in her family, Roberts helped persuade her to have the test as a way to encourage other women with similar characteristics to get tested.

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