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His father John Michael Kiedis rose up in a strict family of Dutch and he was persuade to attend the church several times in a week. His grandfather Sony Bano was belonged to Lithunia while his grandmother had some characteristics of Indian heritage.During living with his father he started using the drugs, cocaine, heroin and Quaaludes.Due to excessive usage of drugs he dropped from the university. Like his enjoyable professional life he also spend a colorful relationship, every time romance with pretty teenager.In regards drugs, my only vice is surfing.” He added, “The waves give me the adrenaline.” The 53-year old Kiedis also discussed aging. Anthony Kiedis and Josh Klinghoffer contributed to Ellen’s 60th Birthday party on Saturday night with a stripped down performance (no details of which songs).This was done a while back but the video has surfaced.

Kiedis said the breakup was his inspiration lyrically on Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new album , as transcribed by Alternative Nation.

I won’t copy those photos & share them directly without the link; and I won’t copy things should they crop up only on IG personal stories.

I don’t normally share photos of Everly Bear out of respect, but that one is from the official RHCP IG page so I’m assuming it has permission to be posted).

Keep in mind these quotes are translated from Italian, so they should be taken as paraphrases. The relationship no longer worked, and I didn’t understand how it was possible that, while loving someone so much, you could not be happy together.

I still don’t understand it.” He added, “When the relationship ended I thought I threw away two years of my life.

“I do not know, for me the piece of paper does not have much value.

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