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If you have you have an orchard with good antique and noteworthy apples, it would be a great source for seeds.Or you may want to consider tasting road-side and wild apples to find superior seedlings.The person writing the article was able to save only six of the varieties.This illustrates the need to stay in contact with other fruit growers and explorers.Others have noticed good seedling apples around old orchard trees.

Some of you are doing your own hand pollinating and evaluating the seedlings.

If you just planted seeds, we can follow their progress here until they fruit.

If you already have superior seedling apples or pears, you can let others know about them here.

This inspired me to try to find enough seedlings to plant an orchard.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I started scouring the roadsides for apple seedlings.

Russet Red #195 – Beautiful conical shaped, medium size apple. Seedling found in a fencerow North of Salem, OR about 1993. Most people don’t know this, but Hudson’s Golden Gem is a pear/apple hybrid. Large conical shaped fruit, yellow skin that looked like Golden Delicious with large russet lenticels. Spectacularly delicious: High flavored, sweet and acid, with lots of character. Claygate Pearmain – Fine old English apple found growing in a hedge in the hamlet of Claygate in Surrey before 1820. For their own successful pollination and good crops they need at least one or two diploids. Northern Spy – tart, great cooking apple Orleans Reinette – This late dessert apple is one of the finest flavored apples available.

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