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There has been a huge surge of popularity of football (or soccer) in Asia over recent years which has seen the AFC expand to its current 47 members.Qualification and success at the World Cup by several national teams which was unthinkable even a few years ago created more widespread interest.After you submit your application and order for Landrush, an email will be sent from the ICM Registry.This email will prompt you to click a link to complete the authentication process and receive your member ID.

The leagues are the most watched in the world with the English Premier League, Spain’s Primera División (La Liga) and the German Fußball-Bundesliga creating the most interest as well as providing the most successful teams in the Champions League.

Mostly because of the recent success of the US MLS (Major League Soccer) with star signings such as David Beckham increasing world support and sponsorship.

Also of note is the Mexican Liga MX regarded as one of the top 20 leagues in the world.

With just 10 member football associations, CONMEBOL has the fewest members of all the confederations in FIFA.

The lack of quantity is made up for in terms of quality.

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