Assertive or accommodating

This can also be used when one has organizational support, and where mutual concerns may result in a win-win solution.

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“When you have a customer convinced how do you close the deal?

” This question was suggested by the assessment, and subsequently used by the interviewer, when a candidate tested as being more accommodating than assertive.

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At the very least they may reveal their hand by stumbling out of the gate with a few too many “umms” as they search their brain for best how to answer.

The reason being is that accommodating individuals, though helpful in many situations, might be too much of a “push over” when it comes to sales.

You just never know how the hiring manager may roll.This would trigger a different interview question in the assessment.Perhaps you are an accommodating person who fancies themselves as being assertive.On the horizontal axis, there are uncooperative techniques that include forcing and avoiding. Conflict Management Styles Implications and When to Use Here are the implications of the various conflict styles, and when to use them. The outcome is that the person using this style feels vindicated, and it occurs at the other person’s expense.Cooperative techniques include collaborating and accommodating. This style an be used at times of emergencies and when it is necessary to force through an issue that must be done quickly.The drawbacks are that it is disempowering for the other party.

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