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Update your profile preferences If you no longer wish to receive this information, you can unsubscribe. Australia's adult industry is changing, finding a new generation of liberated customers and losing the 'dirty mac' clientele.The Commonwealth also cannot verify the accuracy of any third party material included in this information.Facebook: Email: Web: You are receiving this message at the address [Email].Others have threatened to post the footage to porn sites or You Tube.What you may believe to be a highly intimate and private moment may in fact be watched by a room full of strangers.The scammer may pretend to be an attractive, potential partner and strike up an online relationship with you.

In one version, the scam originates from a dating website or social network site like Facebook.

He says there's been an increase in the number of adult shops, but they've also become more visible.'They've moved from the back streets into the main streets and into suburban shopping malls,' he tells .'There's also been a huge increase in the availability of pornography, particularly online.

At the same time, commercial sex work has shifted from being street based to being primarily online as well.'For example, Maginn says customers who would have visited brothels in the past may now be exploring their sexuality through websites instead.'Increasingly the world of "camming" has become a big facet of how people experience commercialised forms of sex,' he says, referring to the practice of watching adult entertainers perform on webcams.'They will perform and interact with their fans through the internet and provide sexual exhibitions.'Many of these trends are on a global scale, although Maginn says the industry's fortunes are playing out in different ways across Australia, depending on local laws.'If you are talking about sex work, you have a decriminalised model which exists in NSW, you have a legalised model which exists in Victoria and Queensland, and elsewhere sex work is in various status of illegality,' he says.'But adult retailing is perfectly legal in terms of the type of products they sell ...

To me that's an indicator of increased acceptance.'When it comes to the online space in Australia, I'm doing a bit of work at the moment looking at one particular online store and trying to map the geography of where their products are going in terms of postcodes.'It's fair to say that their sales are in the millions of dollars per annum, and that their products are going to suburbs all over Australia.'The changing face of sex shop clientele Keith, a Brisbane man who owns an adult shop, tells his typical customer is now a 35- to 40-year-old heterosexual couple.'We're seeing a rapid decline in the pornography side of the industry ... With the internet, the pornography that's found in these stores is insignificant now,' he says.'It's going to go the way of Blockbuster and those sorts of shops that have disappeared.

The model of shops has got to change and we are doing our bit.'Not only is the internet changing the product mix in adult stores, it's also driving a process of normalisation, Maginn says, with more women visiting adult stores as customers.'The acceptability of adult retailing has gone from the "dirty mac" brigade frequenting porn shops to couples, to LGBTI people, to women seeking to fulfil a "feminine need" in this space,' he says.'Erotic boutiques' and Tupperware-style parties There are three clear categories of sex shops in this new, more liberated era, according to Maginn.

In terms of selling adult toys and lingerie, they are all legal products, but in terms of the planning and land use within our cities there are differences and regional variations.'New attitudes driving growth in physical stores, online retail Adult stores started opening in Australia in the early '70s, and have become increasingly popular as attitudes to sex have changed.'Here in Perth, there are more than 40 adult stores across the metropolitan region.

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