Avira not updating 2016


To cover all facets of antivirus functionality, AV-Test Institute rates products on how well they protect against malware, how little they interfere with performance, and how carefully they avoid flagging valid programs or websites as malware, with 6 possible points in each area.

Avira got 5.5 points in the first two categories and 6 points in the third, for a total of 17 points.

Quick scan and full scan are present in the list, naturally.

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The Internet Protection panel is a bit weak, by comparison.

Nearly as many failed the whole-range test, but Avira managed to pass at Level 2, like Avast, Norton, and Trend Micro.

Only Kaspersky Anti-Virus earned Level 1 certification.

Given that there's no reported difference between an epic fail and missed-it-by-that-much, I give less weight to this test in calculating my aggregate score.

Avira's aggregate score, 9.3 of 10 points, puts it in a tie with Bitdefender.

Is it just me, or do too many antivirus product names start with the letters A and V?

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