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“I just did my commercials in Albany and I’m not in jail,” he said Monday afternoon, when asked about the latest rumor.“People that know me, know the person I am and what I do for the communities,” Fuccillo said. So, apparently this Abby person has been around for some time. Billy Fuccillo is an American businessman, he has a net worth of million.

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None of it’s true, said Fuccillo, the owner of the Fuccillo Automotive Group.

Having saved a large nest egg from his car sale profits, he bought a Dodge dealership in 1989 in Adams, New York, with 5,000.

He bought a second dealership in 1990, beginning a string of dealership purchases all over the country.

He says he liked to buy a dealership cheap, and then sell it two years later for a big profit. v=ba Sg3s DJLOU&feature=related For Billy fans (ad for his New York car store):

He's owned automobile dealerships in California, Nevada, New Mexico, and the Carolinas. He started his Fort Myers store last year and as luck would have it high gas prices, and a shall we say "huge" inventory of Kia vehicles have done well for Fuccillo.

“This is people starting nonsense.” “It all reflects from me not being on the TV,” he said.

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