Black polygamy dating


According to CBCNews Jane said in court Winston had told her he was 'only doing what God told him to do,' in having multiple wives.

BC Supreme Court Justice Sheri Ann Donegan praised Jane as a highly credible and reliable witness.'She was a careful witness,' Donegan said.

A former religious leader in Canada has been found guilty of polygamy after marrying more than two dozen women over the course of 25 years.

Winston Blackmore, 61, was charged with practicing plural or 'celestial' marriage in the fundamentalist community of Bountiful, BC after he married 25 women.

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She was impartial.'The trial last 12 days, but the case against Blackmore has been going on for decades.

Of course, I have no choice.” “She cannot say anything. Polygamous marriages in Europe have exploded due to a large number of Muslim migrants entering the continent from the Middle East and Africa.

The issue has become so great that in Italy a Muslim leader advocated legalising the practice arguing that if gay marriage is a right then so, too, is polygamy.

If a man becomes polygamous, he declares to the world that he is pro polygamy and is embracing polygamy.

Should the wife then decide to become polygamous too, there is of course no harm in becoming the second spouse to this wife, since her husband has already proven himself to be in favour of polygamy, thereby granting his wife automatic rights to take a second spouse too. But there are other kinds of second wives too – despicable kinds.

If together they choose to look for a second wife who is willing to cooperate to build a family then, fine.

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