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Here are some of the ways the internet and smart devices have improved and continue to improve the experience, making it safer, simpler and more accessible than ever… I think we’ve seen it every year since we’re together and we both have seen it a few more times before.So let’s say it was the seventh time I’ve seen it but again I sang the opening song loudly, and again I laughed at Shrek’s ‘Ogres are like onions. And at Donkey’s famous words ‘I think I need a hug…’ And again I awed over the final love declaration in the end.On the first day we returned from break, I bumped into “Polly” while signing in and cheerfully asked, “How was your [vacation]? I’m sure I gave her a frown in return at the perceived rudeness.

As Senior PR and Communications Manager, she is able to combine compelling dating industry insights with her own life experiences.

Ash Wednesday this year is funnily enough, on Valentine’s day. Ash Wednesday is traditionally a day of soberness and reflection – a day where we remember that we are ‘dust and ashes’, a day where we are reminded of Jesus’ death on a cross.

On the other hand, Valentine’s day is meant to be a time to celebrate the love we for our significant other, although it has become a commercial holiday – one that we are reminded of weeks in advance.

Valentine’s Day is a special day for lonely hearts to express their interest in someone, and for couples to celebrate their love. But what if you’re in the early stages of a relationship, or you’ve only been on a few dates and don’t yet know where it’s going?

I remember my first date with my (now) husband very clearly.

I’d be very careful not to be too friendly to guys I wasn’t interested in.

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