Brendon urie and audrey kitching still dating

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Back in 2004, Brent Wilson brought Brendon Urie, who he knew from music class, to band practice so he could audition for a guitarist position for The Summer League, Brent, Spencer and Ryan’s band.

Brendon did a Gollum impression that got him in the band but also managed to woo Ryan Ross, band’s lyricist and, back then, lead singer.

.2006 was filled with amazing things such as stage gay, Jon Walker, the Nothing Rhymes With Circus tour and the rosevest.

Meet Ryan Ross, You may recognize him from that sexually dubious band with the creepy wedding video, and yes, that is him.

He has loooooong fingers (that you can appreciate in the picture,) and equally long limbs ( of them,) and his face is the prettiest face you will encounter in your life.

Around this time, Ryan’s father was going into rehab and struggling hard with his alcoholism, and Ryan stayed with his girlfriend and band mates to avoid having to be at home.

While there is no evidence of this, we like to think about the late nights Ryan and Brendon probably spent at Brendon’s place, wondering about the future and comforting each other.

After the show, most of the bands and crew walked a mile to the beach and, having not brought our swimsuits, decided to swim in underwear or totally nude. At least enough to keep me smiling from South Carolina to’s for lovers (orjustfriends) This is why I do it. The Nothing Rhymes With Circus tour begun in November that year, and Ryan and Brendon reinvented the words 'stage gay’:(that’s right Ryan, put that monstercock of yours to use)the perfect, passionate kissnotice Brendon’s hand.

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