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That is a hard thing that I have had tried to learn. You want them to do well, but you also have to be constructive of them. You and the rest of the guys from Backstreet Boys are still going strong.

We recorded six songs already for the new album and life is going. It is tough to have a long lasting career in this business especially being a quote unquote boy band from the 90’s. Family is number one for us besides our faith and being together. It is called It is an original comedy musical that is about the 70’s. For me one of the biggest accomplishments as a Backstreet Boy in general is just the longevity. From the time you started to now what are you most proud of in your career with the band? There are so many people in this business that have just a quick shot. You come out with a few songs and you have decent success and then you kind of go away. For those who don’t know February is heart awareness month. We here at Life of Dad make it point to help raise that awareness. You can do anything that you set your mind to as long as you prepare properly, have the right people by your side, and family and friends that continue to support you.

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