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Bossy, bitchy, and "burn book"—the three best words to describe Janelle’s time at Key West.

The first two need no explanation; the back-story on the third, however, describes the book that Janelle made with fellow roommates Tyler and Jose, and it documents all the stupid shit Svetlana said and did.

My road to becoming a vegan began as a child, where I constantly pushed the meat aside on my plate and asked for more veggies!

By high school, I was vegetarian and extremely into fitness and total body wellness.

I played around with different diets (raw vegan, 80/10/10, pescatarian, etc.), even reintroduced chicken and fish at some points, in an attempt to find the ultimate source to good heath.

It wasn't until 2009, when I went to Canada for a 10 day Juice Fast under the guidance of one of the most amazing raw food coaches, Joanne Gero, that I found my destination.

Philippe’s, like Cole’s, also claims to have invented the French Dip sandwich by accidentally dropped the crunchy roll into gravy.(1915) Watson Drugs & Soda Fountain Originally opened as a drugstore in 1899 by a man named Kellar Watson, it was first located on Glassell St.

When applicable, we may show where the crime occurred and provide details about the offense.

Paul may have Lawsuits, Liens or Bankruptcies - Check Full Background Report to see local, state and federal court documents, sensitive legal information and any litigation that Paul may have been involved in.

To prepare, I am doing a combination of cross training with an amazing trainer, Jah Bennett, power yoga, and running.

In addition, I intend to begin training for a bikini competition later within the year.

As we’ll explain later, Svetlana was a whiny brat—but still there has to be some kind of girl code against this level of bitchiness, right?

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