Conjoined twins dating site


No everyone on this forums is 50, and I am not dumb or what ever was to referred to. lol Most guys will agree in secret the most important thing to remember after lunch is to zip your pants back up if you were mast Urbating.

IT really could be you after Lotto bosses announced plans to make the draw easier to win.

This is not all men and or women, it is just for a bit of fun and enlightenment OK? Savona It is very interesting that you brought up the subject of brains. I am not saying this is fact, but only my opinion, these comments are is scattered all over the forums, men's big brain and men's little brain. I say you are having a little time either being sober, or understanding men. Just imagine a woman, and imagine the only way to know if a gal likes you, is if you sleep with her. ..we all jumping on the 'ME wagon' and forgetting about the 'US' stuff....? 'opposite' being the operative word here methinks..we forget....... The only people that have great issue with early sex are the ones that shouldn't partake. Most men, like women, know when they want a deep relationship and when they do not. But let me warn you there are some weird men on this site.

Did you know that after one dies, each body part actually has a dollar value. Their choice of which is which is totally up to them. But as we all know there is always a little truth to every joke ... Women can just say brain I am hot for this guy, my brain knows it is so much better to wait and get to know him a bit better before there is no turning back. At 51 you should by now realize that the big head/little head thinking stops when a man matures. Some of them are jerks who will take advantage of you anyway. Use caution if you get a message or read a post from some nutcase who says "I don't believe in masturbation, I have never wanted just to have sex with a woman, if I did, it would be after I layed rose petals all over her sweet cubby, and wrote in Valentines pink ink, one at a time"I love you" on a ream of post-it paper, each one stuck like foot prints from her car in the lot, through all the automatic doors (so she can't not see them), right up to her department." Thats what a man does to show his true love, and learn her real name and interests. Right", perhaps for that one "soul-mate" as foretold in the psychic forum here, maybe she would settle just for a knight in shining armor? Because we all have dreams and hopes....I know I'm not ever gonna have a Ferarri. Think back to our ancestors in Pangea, the Grandest Canyon of all time, she had like 5 kids, all from different men, all took off drunk the day she called them up to say she just had a baby. Maybe my penis is brain dead, in a constant meatatative state.

stupid, stupid, stupid now what I am I going to do.

You have a better chance of winning an Oscar (11,500/1) than hitting a hole in one on a par three hole (12,500/1).

It is more likely you will give birth to conjoined twins (200,000/1) than identical quadruplets (13,000,000/1).

You have a much better chance of dating a millionaire (216/1) than actually winning the lottery (45,000,000/1).

The male brain typically sells for ,000.00 or more. Oh, the reason that there is a difference in price is not because the male brain is larger then the female brain. i have dated a total of six women off this site ..... the other one was trying to seduce me before we got out of the coffee shop thats just scary i got rid of her as soon as possible ...dont get me wrong the five were all nice women and having sex with them hey im not complaining ...i did show them respect and a good time and that sex wasent expected....they all stated before we met that they were against early sex ...i think in theory they were sincere .i have to question if women might just also have two opposing brains..maybe we arnt as different as we would like to believe...think I have to agree with the next post also women may just have a unlimited number of brains /personalities . Wonder what would happen if a guys were to describe the obvious changes in a womens' personality caused by hormonal changes here. There is still an importance to sex however and when dating sex is far to important a part of the relationship ti ignore. You see, it takes 5 guys to make 1 guy look bad, but it only takes one woman to make 5 kids..thats OT. Thats where the word "slut" comes from, Latino for Lucy, before all this internet stuff was computerized, before women could stand in the bathroom mist with only their bra on and a cameraphone, downloading 100's of sexy funny face pics every day to You Toobs. That is just the beginning of THE TRUE STORY OF LUCY, SLUT MATRIARCH....... Or maybe it is a slow learner and could stand remedial instruction.

The reason is because the females’ brains are always my experience has me wondering ... Oh boy, here we go again: More histrionic male bashing. Two bits says that would cause some major fireworks, eh? Once we like someone and have found the chemestry we need to know if we are sexualy compatable. Savona Perhaps you could have stopped at saying OP took too many shots... The question is shots of what version of pre-holiday cheer? The moral of the story is: If you write a POF post with the words ."..were all drunk..." nobody with any mature brains is gonna help you. No, Lucy was Austrelopithecane, she could have the cutest accent, except 2 million years ago, there were no court orders to listen to her beotch. They would each grab a big rock or fallen tree and violently club each other, whoever lived could have sex with Lucy. PS: if you are one of those super witty and writeous folks who can't edit a post within the 15 min time, just click back arrow to the "update post page" and you just might be one of the LUCKY ONES OF POF!!! I gave it every opportunity to think, on any subject it might have chosen. It did not help me with math, in finding a job, or when I replaced the hard drive in my computer and the instructions were confusing. To date, if my penis does have a brain no sign of that brain has appeared. I can picture the OP spending hours with her home-made Mr.

Like conjoined twins the one brain says, yes I really like this woman, she is worth getting to know.

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