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But because of their architectural significant design, quality construction and proximity to urban amenities, they have attracted certain urban pioneers.

The process is organic, not created by large scale developments or initiatives, and often coincides with a entertainment district.

The professionals outnumber the bohemians and artists, or the white people outnumber the nonwhite people.

– Across the street from Lakewood, just northeast of Old East Dallas and south of the Lakewood Country Club, this neighborhood has homes that date from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

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not all neighborhoods in Dallas are like North Dallas or Plano.

What neighborhoods are the urban, diverse, progressive DIY-ers, neighborhoods? Those newly minted (relatively), conservative, suburban, cookie-cutter type powerful HOA neighborhoods that lack a certain cultural and historical depth that more urban neighborhoods have.

Or are all neighborhoods like North Dallas or Plano? Most unique thing about this neighborhood is the Water Tower, which I would totally live in In fairness, those progressive urban neighborhoods have questions about crime, schools, congestion, maintenance issues with older houses, etc.

Note these people are often called, hippies, hipsters, the creative class, urbanites and more.

What are some of the characteristics of these neighborhoods?

The revival started 40 years ago so there’s an established community of urban pioneers there.

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