Datagridview datasource not updating

NET Entity Framework makes many things much simpler: We will not discuss the technical details of the ADO. That is a deep subject, and well covered in many excellent articles and books. Although all the great features of the Entity Framework can be used in Win Forms applications, there is little support for data binding.

A few of those are listed in the References section at the end of this document. This is unfortunate since Win Forms is still the platform of choice for many data-oriented business applications, and data binding is an essential part of Win Forms development. NET data classes, you are familiar with the Visual Studio tools used for creating Data Set classes, and binding controls to those classes at design time, by using their Data Source, Data Member, or Binding properties.

Finally, you can plug in a number of predefined column and cell control types, or provide your own custom controls, and you can even mix different control types within different cells in the same row or column.

Figure 6.1 shows an example of a control in action with some of the key visual features highlighted.

The Sql Connection Object has no information about the data it retrieves .

Similarly a Dataset has no knowledge of the Data Source where the data is coming from.

There are header cells for the rows and columns that can be used to maintain the context of the data presented in the grid.

You can control the formatting and layout of the grid with fine-grained precision simply by setting a few properties on the control.

Additionally, the Data Grid control didn’t expose enough information to the programmer about the user interactions with the grid and changes occurring in the grid due to programmatic modifications of the data or formatting.

Due to these factors and a large number of new features that customers requested, the Windows Client team at Microsoft decided to introduce a replacement control for the Data Grid in . That new control, the Data Grid View control, is the focus of this chapter.

The grid can contain cells of many different types, and can even mix different cell types in the same column if the grid isn’t data bound.

NET Entity Framework is Microsoft's latest data technology.

It allows you to create conceptual data models that are easy to program against.

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