Dating a guy with a kid on the way


Have you been trying to find tips for dating a man with kids but can't find ones that suit your situation?

Tips for dating a man with kids that actually work are hard to come by.

If you’re a 20- to 35-year-old woman without any children I caution you against dating a man with kids.

I did this once and, let me tell you, I learned my lesson.

Kids can complicate things, if you don't know exactly how to insert yourself into their relationship or even how to handle kids at all.

So girls, if you are dying to date a guy, but he has a kid and you don't know how to handle it, take a look below!

I love love them both incredibly, and I don't think his ex wife was ever a concern for me; I'm secure in my relat...

Shutterstock When I was younger, during my college days, my friends and I swore that we would never date a man with children. Like me, he was interested in making healthy lifestyle choices.

I viewed her as the evil woman that took my father away from me and my mom.

It was difficult for us to make plans because we had different schedules, and, to make matters worse, his daughter would get sick (or whatever) when we had plans.

The girls’ mother also had a demanding job, so she never seemed available to deal with her own children.

There is, however, a rare chance that his children love you, but you just don’t see a future with him.

Now the breakup is even more difficult because there’s a third party involved.

Most men try to avoid conflict with the women in their lives at all costs, so it’s a pretty safe bet that he will go along with whatever ridiculousness his children’s mother puts him through.

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