Dating a married man blog


You know the moral issue of what you're doing but there are other consequential issues that will hurt you tremendousely.

You've settled for second best, when if you live for the Lord He can help you find the best.

Girl dump him because he'll never leave his wife, and if he did chances are he wouldn't be with u anyways and even if he did most likely he'll do the samething to u!

And if your still dating him when the wife finds out and they always do, some might not take it lightly and u can't say u didn't know he was married, that wife might end up kicking ur buttom for messing with her hubby.

All are condemned under the law and that causes the offense to abound. Grace teaches you to deny ungodliness if you will listen to it.

When He was finished with all of that, He asked her, "Where are your accusers?

" She said, "There are none." She had seen them disappear while Jesus was showing her redemption.

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