Dating a mentally challenged person


He also didn’t want to go on a week long family trip even though he had been on small trips with us before.

He said he was a lone wolf and was happy seeing me 2-3 times a week.

Boston Legal was a well written TV sitcom that described in funny but also sometimes serious, dialog about a group of very bright lawyers who were often highly emotional and at times, irreverent in their actions and words.

It was a TV sitcom that constantly moved and progressed in its story lines and kept the viewer glued to his or her seat and left many wandering how the hour would end.

You figured that you would eventually move in together. Regardless of what vision you had in your head of how you think things should be or could be eventually, he’s not looking for that to be the reality right now. And instead of giving each other trust and space, the one with the “image” or “vision” of how the relationship “should” be just starts freaking out and attacking their partner for not “getting it”.

In fact, he’d probably currently look at living together as something that would trap him and confine him. nobody truly ever knows what the future holds for them or their relationship. (By “getting it” I mean the partner not participating in the fantasy that the other one has in his/her mind for the relationship.) Don’t get caught up in fantasy land.

What make this show particularly interesting was the relationship between Alan Shore, played with James Spader and Denny Crane, played by William Shatner.

This TV series was fast paced, interesting and often engaged the audience in thinking about topics they would not think about or discuss with others.

Shirley Schmidt, played by Candice Bergen who was a founding partner of the firm, is constantly trying to bring order to a very disorderly law office.

maybe not immediately in the “honeymoon phase” of the relationship, but sooner or later a relationship will force us to face things we would rather not face.

This may sound like a downer statement, but it really isn’t.

It’s a great part of relationships – it’s the part that makes us grow as people. if you can live with the relationship exactly as it is right now… It’s funny, but a lot of the time relationship conflicts happen because one person has an idea or vision in their head and their partner has no idea of what the other one’s “image” of the relationship is.

He seems to put himself and friends first before me. What do I do if my boyfriend doesn’t want to move-in together? But relationships are guaranteed to make one or both people grow…

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