Dating a rich woman


The rich guy subconsciously sees himself as valuable of his money. What does he do the next time he meets a quality woman? More talk of his money, his status, and his accomplishments. But even if not a direct money exchange, sure, showboating will attract some women. It’s never the money itself that’s damaging anybody’s intimate life. But here’s the thing: guys with money regularly make the mistake of implicitly placing their value upon their wealth. And because he doesn’t understand attraction and women, he incorrectly sees only one logical course of action. Of course, his money leads to some “relationships.” There’s the elephant in the room that includes prostitution, “sugar daddy” relationships, and the like. So go ahead and compliment the lady on her string of South Sea pearls and who knows you might end up with an invitation to her country estate for the weekend.Again, wealthy women who are free to indulge themselves in multiple ways are extremely likely to be found frequenting upscale retail stores, shopping to their heart’s content. She heard more about his external accomplishments than anything else. Because here’s the secret: women are attracted to a man based on how he makes her feel, far more than they are to how much he’s worth. But even then, a pretty woman knows how to find a good time. This way, when she figures it out on her own, she’s already built an emotional connection. He’d be wise to focus first on connecting on an emotional level when he meets women. In short: the rich guy must let go of his money and let her figure out he’s rich and successful later in the interaction. She can see the man as a fun, put together guy who knows how to go out there and get what’s his in the world. And though she may have the resources to buy whatever her heart desires, even then all women like to be indulged now and then.So how about making her something that could never be duplicated in the market?

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Court in style Once you meet the woman you wish to ask out, approach her properly.Find a mentor at the workplace In these days of female professionals reigning at the top corporate positions, you can just as well find a lady mentor to give your personal and professional life a boost.Financial professions like banking and investments, advertising, media, fashion, business and the corporate world are some of the places where you are likely to find successful women professionals, who if you are lucky may be single too. Here’s the paradox: Making money requires personality traits that are desired by lots of women: Discipline. She quickly sees a guy who’s overcompensating by “showing off.” She sees a guy who doesn’t value himself. And besides, who would want to be “loved” for a bank account. Any quality woman who hears this immediately runs for the hills. Don’t appear desperate for a date or else she will suspect that you are after her money.

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