Dating a schizophrenic guy


You'll have to navigate around an hefty ego and hint of narcissism to date a successful entrepreneur. So if you can't deal with manic work binges and an occasional (or perpetual) big head, then get out now. A LOT If you're dating an entrepreneur, you'll probably feel like you're never working hard enough.

They'll call you out when your sunglasses don't fit your face or when they don't like your article or when you don't shave your legs. Sometimes it's tough to swallow, but there's something to be said for taking the bad with the good.Entrepreneurs are famous for being a disagreeable bunch.I've dated them, worked with them, heard the horror stories, and witnessed the prickly exchanges. The willingness to take social risks, speak the brutal truth, turn people down, and do the unpopular thing gives them an IDGAF advantage.But this obnoxious conscientiousness wins them points for remembering birthdays, following up on promises, and doling out praise when deserved. Conscientiousness means his company's trains run on time.But do spruce up the areas of your life patched together with duck-tape before you let him in. JACK OF ALL TRADES If you're dating an entrepreneur, your world will probably explode.Each day is met with a new proclamation: "I've decided to eat blueberries and cricket powder for a month," "I want to scale volcanos in Indonesia," "I'm starting a new side project that should only take an extra 30 hours a week." Entrepreneurs are known for their schizophrenic array of hobbies, experiments, and personality quirks.

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