Dating an investment banker anonymous

I always wonder when he will have the peace of mind he needs at work to be able to feel like we could move forward. Finding it hard to concentrate and just overall exhaustion.

I'm really hoping that this is actually all just PMS and my period will show up tomorrow.

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A lot of our friends find this part of our relationship to be extremely odd, but hey, it works for us.The dumb ones, maybe, for following the money in the first place, for selling sleep and youth for cash-in-hand and expensive face products designed to make it look like you didn’t.But getting your priorities wrong doesn’t necessarily make you the devil incarnate.He is working on a very live transaction now that is completely consuming his time and mid-day yesterday he called me laughing about an email he got from one of the directors requesting he be staffed on a new pitch. We talked briefly about how the younger analyst with him on the transaction was also requested to work on another transaction and how it would leave only the VP on the current transaction. He didn't sound too interested in giving his updates about work, so I just told him my updates. I didn't interrogate him about why he has been so MIA, we know its work. It puts a strain on him and reminds him how much his job sucks his time and energy.He quickly said he would call me back later and hung up. He is counting the weeks until January, when he will be kinda unofficially promoted.We passed by a wedding dress shop in the mall and I kept my head down so he wouldn't think I was crazy obsessed. I knew that there was really nothing he could do but I just needed the comfort of his voice and I needed the relief that comes with just sharing how you feel with someone you love. We have officially delved deep into the winter workload and it looks like this will be the status quo for the next few months.

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