Dating different colleges


Students graduating high school with a high grade point average may find that some small private colleges are keen on helping them pay for their higher education.Small college financial aid officers can help students find grants, scholarships and loans to can help slash tuition costs.As a result, they often attract some of the brightest students, which can make admission highly competitive.

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As much as 20 percent of the students at one small private college in the Pacific Northwest received academic or need-based grants to cover their tuition in 2013.

The original Baker College was established in Michigan in the city of Flint in the early 20th century.

Today, Baker College of Cadillac is one of thirteen different Baker College satellite campuses.

This school was established by the Churches of Christ, a non-denominational group of Christian believers.

The school, located in Montgomery, continues to offer theological degrees as well as ministry training for students.

Among them, these are some of the most-attractive assets: Academic Standards One of the reasons small private colleges enjoy prestige is because they consistently establish high academic standards for the faculty and student body. The college may be celebrated for specific academic disciplines or for offering a well-rounded liberal arts education based on small class sizes, led by distinguished educators.

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