Dating girls phone number in kolkata


We left with me leaving my phone number for him to call me with a follow up. At first it was reassuring but now I feel like it’s questionable due to the lack of correspondence.

I have since then heard nothing from store manager Ray SM. My daughter’s gift cards, and were stolen from an employee! Reply Put in an order on line signing in to my account that I’ve had over 5 years. I placed my order and about 20 minutes later I received a cancellation notice saying my bank could not confirm my billing information.

I am digusted by the customer service, I have been shopping with this store for over 10 years and have spent thousands of dollars and to be treated like this is not good. Reply Here is my email regarding customer service: Topic : Customer Service issue First Name : Samantha Last Name : Email : Message : Order # 70763169 My daughter placed an order for $ 174.68. When she called the csv rep advised that since the order just shipped she cannot apply the code.You would think with just a large order you honor it.Please advise if you can issue the credit otherwise we will refuse the order and go elsewhere. Their reply; Hello Samantha, Thank you for reaching out to us!He said in a very condescending tone, so you have 3 cards, I can’t replace those’ I began to become very annoyed.I felt like he should have understood the situation before leaving us standing at the counter for so long.In order for her to receive the 10% off she will need to refuse order and replace order.

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