Dating male taurus


“The intense, bullish energy comes through differently when expressed by a man or a woman.

Both are pretty mater-of-fact, loyal and know what they want.

They’re hopeless romantics who tend to search for their great “love of a lifetime.” Tauruses just want partners who are stable, loyal, affectionate, and classy.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re relationship whores.

Tauruses love their families and will do everything they can to protect them.

In fact, they’re all about the good things in life.“They have great taste in food, music, culture and ambience and will pick somewhere classy and interesting if they’re choosing the location. A gallery opening or a cool film would also be fun for the artsier members of this sign.”Tauruses are genuine people. If you want someone who’s confident in their beliefs, their opinions, and who they are as an individual, then you’ll be sure to find that in a Taurus.

They also tend to dress well and will make a great first impression, aesthetically anyway.”The Astro Twins suggest taking them on tasteful dates with a great atmosphere and even greater food. If you’re looking for someone who can easily change or who tends to agree with you about anything and everything then look elsewhere, because Tauruses change for no one. Besides, who says little debates here and there can’t be fun?

You both value responsibility, and it will be a cold day in hell before either of you willingly let the other down.

This is a partner you can always count on You're both loyal beyond question and expect the same in a partner.

You both enjoy the home and stocking it with comfortable and beautiful possessions.

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