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But as soon as she finds out they are getting married, BOOM, Fonda does everything in her power to try to get rid of her.

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If your partner was in the lost child role, the maternal narcissist may resent that you are “distracting the family” from her or her other children such as the golden child, with your marriage ceremony, your children and so forth.The damage of a narcissistic mother-in-law opens wounds for years to come in both spouse and the narcissistic mother’s grandchildren.From the narcissistic mother-in-law’s perspective, “giving away” her child to be with an adult partner isn’t an option.Unfortunately, no partner may ever be good enough for a golden child.In the movie, her son never saw the manipulative side of her, but it was there all along.If your spouse isn’t yet aware he or she has a narcissistic parent, refrain from talking about her flaws without clear examples of the negative behavior.

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