Dating sites like lets101 experiences with online dating sites

But I am never convinced with this type of targeting.I speculate its the shy, little introvert, brought up in a little conservative environment type and busy (either in job or small businesses etc) people who would like to search for dates online. Also age wise I think it should be around 32 to 55 yrs age range that should be targeted actively as these people when single have more physical and emotional need and lesser means to find a date, as most of the friends are married or committed and also this range has more responsibility of work which gives them less time to actively find a right date.

On any site paid or free - the problem is you are not sure if the profile is of real person or just a fake.

When you sell a product, you also give manual or advices and tips to your customers about how to better use your product.

Same goes for dating - Tell your members about how they should use your site for their advantage.

Good thing about lets101 is - you do not need to visit and search yourself again and again.

Instead it will automatically notify you whenever any new match joins and which has a very high matching score with you and qualifies your preferences.

Again with the change in targeting segment, method of targeting should change, i.e.

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