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) Love is not a game Love is not a game Friendship enbadhu RAC Love confirm panna nee yosi Friendship enbadhu fullsafety Love'il yaedhu guarantee Yeah, I can clearly see Dating is a Fantasy aiyo love is full of pain poda love is just a strain Boys'e yaenka vaikkaathey heart'il helmet maattaathey friend'nu fullstop vaikkaathey kaadhalicha ka Rpum poagaathey (Abishtu...) I don't wanna love I don't wanna love Love is not a game Love is not a game Yeah yeah come on baby... - No No No I won't Say what say what will you be mine.. Jus beat it man Love is not a fashion Love is not trend Love is for loosers Beat it friend Love is not for me and love is not for you Love is but a dream so be my friend chinna chinna silmisham chinna chinna ku Rumbuga L seiya solli thoondudhu vayasunga ___ (dash) ___ (dash) edhuvumae idhuvarai paakkala koditta idanga Lai nirappunga Love is such a big mistake Listen to me boy I know - No Only friendship takes you higher everyday As friends we grow endha thappum seidhida maattoam aanaal tha Ndaa maathiram seivoam enga L purse'ga L mothamum gaali adhilae muththam poadunga (girls'a chewing gum aakkathey...) Do you wanna go?

(cha cha cha chachaacha...) (3) Move it boy - O Baby (3) Girl you know you got me Thinking all about you And I really wanna no if you Love me too Will you let me know Because my heart is true Babe when I see your face I wanna be with you mugha nagha natmadhu natpalla nencha thaghanaga natpadhu natpaagum ka Rka kasadara ka Rpavai katrapin ma Rakka seivadhu love aagum I really do care and I will be there You can take me every where Stay with me and I'll let you see In my heart you'll be Kaadhalin nerungiya na Nban thoalvi kaadhal pachai poiga Lin vangi kaadhal ichai pichai kaetkum kochaiyae....

With a heartbreaking quiver in her voice, this song is powerfully emotional and moving. I wish you will live better there than here in Philippines! Taylor swift is awesome I love all of her song but I mostly like our song. Taylor swift is queen, and this is the first song I ever heard by her and it is amazing Sparks Fly This is one of the best song I have ever heard. Speak Now is by far, over many factors, is Taylor Swift's best album. I think it should be much higher because it's easy the best song from her latest album RED! - Daisyand Rosalina White Horse I did this song for a talent show we rocked!

This song is a classic, absolutely beautiful, poignantly hovering in a melancholy, wistful sadness. Our Song The only reason this song isn't #1 is because it is not one of her newest songs and it came out when she wasn't that popular. SO LISTEN TO IT AND VOTE I really like this song, especially "MINE"Why is it that You Belong with Me is the first? I swear this song is the best for me, so keep on voting this song, because this song makes me cry and it makes me remember my Ex-boyfriend living in Rome, Italy, I miss you Babe! I like how Taylor swift sing's her song's are so so good. "Hit me with those green eyes," "kiss me on the sidewalk, take away the pain," and even the title line, "I see sparks fly whenever you smile," are all spectacular lyrics, enhancing the catchy melodies that go with them. Really this is very beautiful and the lyrics is well written and I wonder why Taylor haven't made video music for this song! :( - Ark-M For me it should be number two, it's amazing on every level.

WHAT THE FREAK IS Going ON IN YOUR MIND MEAN IS THE BEST SONG WRITTEN! YOU BROKE MY HEART I think it relates to all problems teenagers or kids have with bullingit reminded me about when I was bullied I love it so muchbest song ever x I think it is her second best song after "you belong with me". This song is a definition of a lot of people's life What is in the song is the essence of real love with real wound hurts like hell. This is the only best song from her new album SPEAK NOW. Are you kidding me this is the best song I ever heard in my life. Blank Space This song just came out, (when I'm writing this), and it rocks. It still has the same feeling in her songs where it's like she's talking to you personally. In the coming months and years this song will be at the top, I know it... ''You keep my old scarf from that very first week, cause it reminds you of innocence and it smells like me. Everything makes me feel smooth and it makes me feeling like rocking out to the song.© Copyright Sociedad Vascongada de Publicaciones, S. The first song I heard from Taylor Swift was Love Story and I loved this song and soon feel in love with Taylor Swift's music It's her best song I Knew You Were Trouble Best Taylor Swift song yet! I believe that Taylor is very unique when expressing her feelings through her songs. The lyrics are deep, you can imagine it like parents protecting their child in a war. I really recommend this song for you who search for peacefulness. I usually get bored hearing other songs after hearing few times. It confesses very strong feelings towards the person you love but know you can't have. When you are listening to this, you will went to your inner thoughts. I was expecting it to at least be below the twentys. Even though I don't believe in love, I do wish I fall in love sometimes I love this song and Taylor swift She is a great singer and very beautiful I heard this song a 100 times still I am not bored. And you call me up again just to break me like a promise. I'm a crumpled up piece of paper lying here.'Cause I remember it all, all, all too well. Swift♥ WHY ISN'T THIS NUMBER ONE Teardrops on My Guitar This song is full of emotion. Okay it's a bit new but lyrically and musically the best thing that taylor did. This is supposed to be a peace and calming soundtrack for The Hunger Games. It really gives you that strange feeling of peacefulness. This is 100% my favorite song of hers and it's the 57th.

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