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I'm going to purchase a second pair and just throw them in the closet. I used it last winter and could not have been happier or warmer. I can take these gloves from the package and go right into operation, they fit that well.

I bought these Mickey Mouse Boots because sometimes I have to stand outside in extreme cold weather.

I have used this shovel a lot through out this past winter and it had no issues with the frozen ground. Finding an overcoat that isn't made for a man with a gut is hard. And double breast really cuts down on wind, which is a big plus when I'm walking to work.

For the price, way better than any folding shovel you can get from Walmart or the like. I would not hesitate to order another E-tool from Mc Guire Army Navy, they were honest, priced very fair, and their service is awesome. Finally, I have received several comments on the coat, some from complete strangers!

I received confirmation in a day, ordered it and received it a few days later all to my satisfaction. I was expecting something of similar quality to thermarest, which used to supply this item to the military.

Bottom line is Mc Guire had what I wanted at a very good price and proved customer friendly. The problem with this one is the air valve is not a screw down type like thermarest and other high quality suppliers.

Just be warned that these things weigh a lot and are very clunky to walk around in.

These boots are the actual "Bata" military contractor models and not imitations. I ordered three and was able to make all three fit different head sizes.

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I was standing on snow for about 4 hours and in a forest on a mountain everyday. After that I had to stop painting and kick my feet around and walk a bit to warm them up for the last hour. This is one of the warmest fleece caps I have ever worn. We are sure any of your Inquiry will get our prompt reply.

While most found were USAF style with extra velcro patches, I wanted USN version which has only the name tag Velcro.

Seeing picture of one on Mc Guire Ebay site, I inquired if they had a USN version is size large.

It took me 15mins to make a decision to return a jacket that I’ve been wanting for three years!

I own 20 jackets & know quality when I see it on a jacket. I purchased the remanufactured Ames E-tool and it seems like new.

I use them for road details, standing 8 hrs and my feet are warm. It even feels like it has been painted with the same spray paint I used before I returned mine to CIF. A true red blooded American would have several pairs of Levi's 501's amongst there wardrobe. I save money on fire-wood, propane and electricity not needing to heat my cabin when I am in this bag. Both sides are rip-stop nylon, making it �slippery�; a good thing if you don�t want it binding to other fabrics or materials (e.g. It has a single layer of polyester batting (not padding, which is what most people think of when the term �quilt� is used). Stuffs nicely into a 6L stuff sack (about 5� x 14�).

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