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Ohio Revised Code Section 4141 contains the laws pertaining to unemployment compensation in the State of Ohio. Matthews has been representing employees in hearings before the Unemployment Compensation Review Commission since 2004.He draws on that experience to assist clients in understanding the process and aggressively representing their interests.Issues that are commonly considered when reviewing unemployment compensation cases consist of the evidence supporting the employer’s reason for termination, whether the basis for the termination is discussed in an employment policy, the applicability of a progressive disciplinary policy and the extent to which the employee was given the opportunity to bring his or her performance or conduct in line with the employer’s policies and communicated expectations.If an employee is denied compensation, he or she must timely appeal the claim.

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Our ultimate vision is to break the cycles of generational poverty through supportive programming that teaches parenting skills and builds healthy, stable families.Retaliation typically refers to an employee suffering adverse consequences for engaging in a legally protected activity.Examples of unlawful retaliation include employees being terminated, demoted or harassed because they complain of unlawful discrimination, refuse to submit to a superior’s sexual advances, file a workers compensation claim, take leave under the FMLA, report an OSHA violation or are a public sector employee who has exercised First Amendment rights.Sexual harassment can involve quid pro quo harassment in which an employee’s supervisor or manager requests sexual favors in exchange for employment benefits such as a promotion or favorable job assignment or the conduct of a manager or co-worker can create a hostile work environment.A hostile work environment exists when an employee is subjected to unwanted statements, comments, jokes or attention of a sexual nature and the perpetrator’s conduct is severe or pervasive.Examples of wrongful terminations include, but are not limited to, discharges due to age, sex, pregnancy, race, religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, for complaining of unlawful discrimination, for taking leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act, for filing workers compensation claims, and for reporting OSHA violations. Matthews frequently represents employees in lawsuits and pre-suit negotiations involving statutory and public policy wrongful discharge claims.

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