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In Dutch the word "plat" means "flat", but also refers to the way a language is spoken: "plat" means "slang" in that case.

Except for the Southeast Limburgish dialect, Modern Limburgish descends from some of the dialects that formed the offspring of Old Dutch in the Early Middle Ages, its history being at least as long as that of other Low Franconian languages, of which some eventually yielded Standard Dutch.

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The general Dutch term for the language of ordinary people in former ages was Dietsch or Duutsch, as it still exists in the term Low Dietsch (Plattdütsch).

This term is originally derived from Proto-Germanic "þiudiskaz", meaning "of the people" (this word has also been preserved in the Italian word for German, which is "Tedesco", and the English word "Dutch").

is a group of East Low Franconian varieties spoken in the Belgian and Dutch provinces both named Limburg and some neighbouring areas of Germany.

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In some parts of this area it is generally used as the colloquial language in daily speech.

It shares many characteristics with both German and Dutch and is often considered as a variant of one of these languages (see also Dachsprache).

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