Demonoid share ratio not updating

Besides that, the blu gives us a nice but brief archived television with star Bruno Ganz (the internet's famously memed Hitler from Downfall).f you hunger for a free account in (now hosted on domain), a massively popular semi-private Bit Torrent tracker and torrents site which on par with The Pirate Bay, and also indexes external torrents, head to Demonoid website now, as the public registration is now opens.Demonoid is a popular Bit Torrent tracker and website that includes file-sharing related discussion forums and a searchable index for the tracker.The site has undergone intermittent periods of extended downtime due to the occasional need to move the server, generally caused by cancellation of ISP service due to local political pressure.

Bittorrent is the best sharing protocol out there and is designed to more often than not, max out your download speed. None of the files shown here are actually hosted or transmitted by this server.

To associate the current IP with your account Log out of your Demonoid account Clear your browser's cache & cookies Log in to Demonoid To check that Demonoid has your current IP, look in your profile.

The last visit: should display a few seconds ago, like so~ Or you inadvertently downloaded and seeded a Demonoid tracked torrent from another site, unaware that the stats would be sent to the Demonoid tracker.

After a deep enquiry, it comes to know that demonoid got some technical hardware problem.since they have dedicated server for torrentz, they cannot redirect their URL to some server which can be lend.

But is is pretty sure that they will back in a sort time.

While trying to access the worlds best torrent search engine all are facing a general error that is “HTTP 500 Internal Server Error”.

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