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My mind had been hijacked by frantic looping thoughts of doubt, paranoia and raw fear. The ego that I had been feeding for years with validation, sex and fame was no longer able to comfort me.

Shannon was aware that her faith required her to secure her parents’ blessing before she could get married, but she decided to flout that custom and move to Syria, where she was planning to work as a nurse in an ISIS camp.There are also hints at the frustrations that may have driven her to extremism including references to how hard it is to get a job.Shannon Conley had been warned several times by investigators that she could be arrested if she follows through with her scheme, but the 19-year-old allegedly declared she would rather go to prison than turn away from jihad.A short time later, the 19-year-old told a federal official that she will be ready to wage jihad in a year.‘To Conley, it is okay to harm innocents if they are part of a target.She felt that if wives, children, and chaplains visiting a military base are killed during an attack, it is acceptable because they should not have been at a legitimate target,’ according to court documents.' and, that terrorists are: “…not allowed to kill aging adults and little children,"’ the criminal complaint obtained by Denver Post said.

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