Dinner and a movie is the deer urine of dating

The doctor speculates that the reason for Jake's distress may be the medication and says he should stop taking it.

Jake and Jane's children know nothing of the affair, but Harley (John Krasinski), who is engaged to their daughter Lauren, spots the pair and the doctor in the hotel, but keeps silent.

As Martin was soon to embark on a concert tour to promote The Crow: New Songs for the Five-String Banjo (2009), his schedule required the team to complete shooting his scenes during the first two months of filming.

In April 2009, the company relocated to Los Angeles, where cast and crew started filming scenes taking place outside Jane's house, for which a ranch house located in Thousand Oaks in the north of Los Angeles was used.

Jane and Jake attend their son Luke's graduation from college in New York City.

After a dinner together, the two begin an affair, which continues in Santa Barbara. While Agness has Jake scheduled for regular sessions at a fertility clinic, Jake is secretly taking medication to increase urine flow, the side effects of which are decreased sperm count and dizziness.

The film ends with Adam at Jane's house ready to commence the remodeling.Before going into the party, Adam smokes some of the joint with Jane.Once inside, they are laughing and happily high, Jake becomes jealous observing them, and after pressing Jane, smokes some with her also.Several different locations stood in for the fictional Park Regent hotel: While a Donald Trump-owned residence building on Park Avenue and 59th Street was used for exterior shots, the lobby and Jane's hotel room were in the JW Marriott Essex House.The hotel bar was the interior of a restaurant on Tenth Avenue. Most scenes take place in the protagonist's home and interior courtyard, and as such the architectural details had to be fastidiously worked out, but the rooms were kept bare to reflect the character's functional tastes and limited budget.Streep and Baldwin each were individually recognized with Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor nominations at the Golden Globe and BAFTA award ceremonies, respectively.

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