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In the second blowing, by the natural command of the all-powerful Allah the system of matter and materiality would be destroyed and dismantled and the real exigencies of the system of cause and effect would become obvious. The reward and punishment of the deeds of man would be clear before the Almighty Allah and all this will not take more than a moment.The Almighty Allah says: On the basis of the above mentioned verses and other traditions, it can be said that the blowing of trumpet is imminent and that it is a sign of Qiyamat.(56:1-6) It can be concluded from such verses that very significant events would occur in this material world and there would be complete derangement in it. The sun would lose its brilliance and heat and become dark. Stars would loose their sheen and be scattered in the atmosphere.Mountains would be rocked with tremors and shatter into particles.Does the trumpet mentioned in the verse is in the same meaning and whether blowing into it should be interpreted as killing? With a little consideration, it would become clear that trumpet neither signifies the same particular instrument nor blowing of it can be said to be putting to death, because God is not a body that He should use a physical mean to make the living dead or to make them alive again.The actions of the Almighty Allah are not like those of human beings that they should be in need of a tangible instrument.According to this verse, before Qiyamat the trumpet would be blown twice; on the first time, all the people present in the world would die and enter the world of Barzakh.

The dictionary meaning of ‘trumpet’ is something blown usually to make a public announcement or to warn the public about an impending invasion.But as mentioned before, the world of Barzakh is contemporary to the period of this world and it is not bound by time and space.Since time and space are worldly phenomena, and Judgment Day is also after Barzakh; but this ‘after-ness’ is not the ‘after-ness’ of time and space, since in Qiyamat, the concepts of time and space would be cancelled and a new concepts would come into being; that is why the folks of Barzakh do not have proper awareness of the passage of time.The Almighty Allah is not in need of the blowing into a material tool in order to put to death the living or to enliven those who are dead.On the contrary, He does this through the angels appointed to capture the souls (Izrael) and angels appointed to enliven the dead.According to Quran, at the end of the world, before the occurrence of Qiyamat, the trumpet would be blown twice and this important event is a sign that Qiyamat is near.

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