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But other than being disingenuous, these pages usually have something else in common: their primary tactic is social engineering, i.e., using basic human drives and emotions to trick a percentage of users into taking their desired action, often a click, so they can divert and potentially monetize the traffic.One prevalent and particularly nefarious example of this behavior is the fingta fake online dating campaign, which is driving a mind-boggling amount of traffic.In this instance, our crawler redirected through ‘‘ to ‘‘ which in turn redirected to ‘rupair1.’ Looking through other crawls that include this domain, we see a variety of ad network redirectors—but in every instance, shows up just before fingta. This domain uses the same IP address as and was first seen on the same day was.

A top-level domain is the last label of every fully qualified domain name. Die Domain-Endung .dating darf von jedermann für private sowie kommerzielle Projekte genutzt werden.Die ursprüngliche Intention einer reinen "Business"-Domainendung wurde faktisch den Nic Policies Für alle unter dieser g TLD registrierten Domains dürfen nur bei Verisign bereits bekannte Nameserver verwendet werden. Das Verfahren ist ganz einfach: Die bei uns verwalteten Domains können Sie einfach auf Ihre bestehende Webseite weiterleiten (Header-, Frameweiterleitung) oder mittels DNS-Routing direkt auf die IP-Adresse Ihres Servers einrichten.The internet is full of fakery—so much so that Risk IQ has several categories for websites that all begin with the word “fake”: fake tech support, fake software, fake rewards, etc.These types of sites are lucrative to operate and have become extremely common, barraging users with pages masquerading as something they are not.The instance shown above is not particularly novel; it uses sexualized images along with blunt language to convince the user to click the link that redirects to another page, typical of the myriad fake dating pages Risk IQ identifies every day.

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