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After two rounds of this type of exchange, you may move to open communication.Alternately, you may choose to request a secure telephone call at any step in the online process.If you feel more comfortable with a managed approach and if you’re looking to date people from specific, focused groups, eharmony might be best for you.A reader of the site recently asked me this question: “What is your opinion about using e Harmony or some other online dating site to find a spouse?eharmony was founded on the guided communication method but has added the second option for those who are comfortable with writing emails to their matches at the beginning of the process and thereby circumventing the multiple-choice question and answer phase.If you opt for guided communication, you may express interest in one of your matches and select five multiple-choice questions for him or her to answer.If you’re looking to date within a specific group of people, eharmony is our top pick for focused dating.

You may choose from two types of communication: standard (guided) and fast track (open).Think of it as a multiple-choice test with a couple of short open responses thrown in.It's important to be particularly thoughtful when you answer the open-ended questions.If you’re looking to date within a focused group, eharmony has the best selection of dating communities.You can focus on certain religions, ethnic communities, specific locations and age.You can receive matches before paying the membership fee, but you must pay to see photographs.

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