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But how does someone who at sixty has not been really outgoing, has not sharpened up on the latest in technoogy, does not know how to use the internet, find herself a man? She wouldn’t know how to approach it or even how to make the first move. The question is; are you ready if it should happen out of the blue? It’s going to be an evening of brainstorming and happiness planning, and after two hours I’m hoping to have armed everyone with enough goodies (INCLUDING the paperback version of my book) that they can return home and start creating a happier life. I’m currently in discussion with organisations about the possibilities of doing a talk, a workshop, or something similar in the new year.I can’t tell you much more than that at the moment, but check back later and click on talks and workshops for more details (or save yourself the bother and subscribe to this blog via email).So yes, I’m suggesting you continue to “get out there,” to meet the men who sound promising and give them the chance you’d like them to give you.If you meet a man who is freaked out by the prospect of dating a woman who already knows what it means to love someone deeply and well, then thank him for his time and move on. Dating can be exhausting and disheartening sometimes.

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That’s not true for you and your late husband: You two truly were “Till death do us part.” That might be intimidating to some men.She has lost her mate or she is divorced and the prospect of being alone is a daunting one. She would rather hide under the table than answer the question. It’s all a matter of perspective and how you look at it. the home care for seniors report that there is increased sexual activity. Throw out those old cardigans and outdated pants and get yourself a new wardrobe. Today sixty is the new fifty and a woman of sixty is still very much sexually active and desirable. In fact, it has been found that seniors have unprotected sex and are less responsible than their children. At thirty you can handle rejection; at sixty it is difficult. Would you even recognize that you are being offered a gift? It’s about wanting to know more about the other person. Can you hold each other’s interests for two hours just talking on the porch? If you are ready to meet that man, you will attract him to you. You balk at the suggestion of friends who tell you to post your photo on an online dating site. There are some very attractive women in their sixties who can still teach a younger woman a trick or two. If a man worries that your experience in a loving, nearly 30-year marriage has given you a standard or two, good.

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